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How the Erotic Blueprints™️ Can Transform You Into the Sexiest Person You Know

When I ask you to think of the sexiest person you know…who comes to mind?

We all know someone, whether in real life or in the movies, who just has it.

You know what I’m talking about…the ? swagger. Someone who exudes confidence, radiates sex appeal, and doesn’t take any shit.

What would your life be like if YOU were that person? ?

Let me tell you a secret…

You’ve had the power all along!

YOU were actually designed to be THAT person. The trouble is, life probably got in the way at some point.

Someone on the playground teased you about your hair or an adult told you to abandon a dream because it wasn’t “realistic”. Maybe you experienced shame around being too loud, too sensitive, or too passionate. Many of us fall into a trap where we make ourselves small so that we don’t ruffle any feathers or make anyone around us uncomfortable. If you’ve been doing this for years (and let’s face it, most of us have) you may have unknowingly lost yourself along the way.

But guess what?

You can get reconnected to the part of you that loves to play, enjoys life’s simple pleasures, and oozes passion and purpose. It all starts with getting to know yourself as a fully expressed and empowered erotic being through discovering your Erotic Blueprint Type™️.

When you learn your Erotic Blueprint Type it’s like being handed the keys to a Ferrari ? You learn how to push the accelerator to the floor and reach new heights of pleasure and passion. You also learn what has been pushing on your brakes and how to navigate any heaviness that’s been holding you back.

The first step to uncovering your greatest erotic potential is to find out your primary Erotic Blueprint Type by taking this quiz. Once you know how to drive the car, buckle up, baby…you’re in for a wild ride!

Here is a brief overview of each Erotic Blueprint Type and how to tap into the potential pleasure found in each.

Energetic Blueprint

Energetic Blueprint Type

The Energetic Blueprint is best expressed through space and anticipation. This type loves to tease and be teased. It’s the moment right before the physical connection that really gets their fire burning.

If you took the quiz and discovered that you are primarily the Energetic Blueprint Type, you can honor this part of yourself and set your environment up for pleasure by creating calm and soothing places to relax and let your nervous system rest.

Energetic Blueprint Types appreciate the time and space to warm up to a lover or take their time to ease into self-pleasure.

Sensual Blueprint

Sensual Blueprint Type

The Sensual Blueprint is someone who delights in the engagement of all their senses. They are turned on by the perfect music, a sexy scent, a delectable meal, and textures that feel like luxury.

If you are a Sensual Blueprint Type, brainstorm some different ways to bring all of your senses to the party. Take some time to notice and appreciate how touch, sight, taste, smell and sound make your day pleasurable.

Sexual Blueprint

Sexual Blueprint Type

If your Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Quiz told you that you are a Sexual Blueprint Type you like to make pleasure as simple as possible. You love to appreciate a lover’s body. Hands on exploration is one of the main tools that you use to experience pleasure, either alone or with a partner.

The Sexual Blueprint is turned on by witnessing someone else being turned on. They love sex, they love nudity, and they love physical expressions of passion.

Kinky Blueprint

Kinky Blueprint Type

If you are a Kinky Blueprint Type, you are all about adventure as pleasure. Whether the adventure shows up through psychological game play or physical sensation play, you are turned on by the extraordinary.

The Kinky Blueprint is ready to explore the potential of pleasure and there is no end to where their imaginations can take them. Intensity is exciting and they get a lot of exhilaration from the taboo.

Shapeshifter Blueprint

Shapeshifter Blueprint Type

The Shapeshifter Blueprint Type is someone who likes ALL of the above. They crave a wide variety of pleasure in their lives and are usually up for anything. Variety is important to them. If you want to please a Shapeshifter Blueprint, keep them guessing about what is coming next!

The Shapeshifter Blueprint Type is great at making pleasure exciting. Making space for all types of erotic expression is key to keeping them satisfied. Nothing is off limits (as long as you’ve had a consent conversation, of course!).

Now that you know a little about each Erotic Blueprint Type, you can tap into your primary Blueprint to make your whole life feel like foreplay.

When you wake up in the morning, you can start your day with meditation to feed the Energetic Blueprint Type. Or you can slow down and savor your coffee if you want to feed the Sensual Erotic Blueprint Type.

As you go through your day, put on some sexy underwear that delights your Sexual Blueprint Type. Or if you want to feed the Kinky Blueprint Type, forget the underwear all together.

You see, once you uncover the secret to an impassioned life, there’s no going back to the way things used to be.

This is what I like to call “exiting the Matrix” and I promise, life is pretty fucking great over here.

When you live according to your Erotic Blueprint Type™️ you are able to feel alive and connected to the best version of you.

And yes, this definitely leads to hot juicy sex for a lifetime, but that is only the beginning.

When you think about the sexiest person you know, odds are that they are in touch with their inner erotic being and have set up their life to be a reflection of the their passion.

That’s why I am here…to usher you over the threshold from bored and dissatisfied to playful and passionate, in ALL areas of your life.

Ready to get the keys to your Ferrari? Take the Erotic Blueprint assessment here:

I can’t wait to hear about what you discover!

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