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The Sensual Blueprint: Let’s get lost in pleasure

For someone with a Sensual Blueprint, sex is a delight for all of the senses! They have the ability to receive pleasure from multiple sources and dive fully into their environment, getting lost in the enjoyment of the experience.

Smell, sight, touch, taste and sound all contribute to a Sensual Blueprint’s path to turn on. The right music can be orgasmic. A massage can get them to new heights of ecstasy. Soft sheets and furry blankets can make them melt.

What they find most pleasurable can vary greatly, but one thing that all people with this Blueprint need is the time and space to be able to drop into their bodies completely. They need to be able to relax and feel comfortable to fully access all the pleasure available to them.

How do you know if you are a Sensual Blueprint?

There are many clues that Sensual Blueprint types will display that give them away.

They are really good at setting up their surroundings in a way that feels warm and welcoming. They put a priority on making things look beautiful and arrange their space to be aesthetically pleasing.

They love music, food, delicious smells, and soft fabrics. Basically anything that engages their senses can turn them on!

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Make sure that you take the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Quiz to find out your Blueprint type. Click here to learn more about the other Blueprint types.

What is awesome about this Blueprint

There are so many amazing things about the Sensual Blueprint.  When they are able to drop fully into their bodies, they can get lost in pleasure. Since all of their senses are pathways to erotic expression, they can tune into several levels of stimulation at the same time, which can be exhilarating.

When someone with this Blueprint is fully turned on, they can drift around in a sea of bliss for hours. Their senses are heightened. Each touch feels amazing, colors are more vibrant, sounds are enchanting, and tastes are exquisite.

Feeding the Sensual Blueprint

When the Sensual Blueprint is nurtured and energized they are able to embody pleasure at new levels. If your sensual side is calling out to be indulged, there are a million ways to play.

Feeding this Blueprint can be a lot of fun!

A partnered feeding session might begin with a delicious meal together. Taking the time to set the mood with candles or a bubble bath is a beautiful way to connect with a partner’s Sensual Blueprint. A slow and deliberate massage is always a treat.

A great way to feed the Sensual Blueprint is experimenting with different props and toys. Try a variety of sensations, textures, smells, foods, flavors, songs and sounds. The possibilities are endless.

Music is a huge turn on for people with a Sensual Blueprint. What is the mood that you are looking for? Make a playlist and move your body with the rhythm of your favorite songs.

And, let’s not forget touch. Simple touches that are done with intention can be very nourishing for the Sensual Blueprint. For example, putting lotion on your hands can be a highly sensual experience if you take the time to give yourself a mini-hand massage and use a lotion that smells delightful.

Feeding the Sensual Blueprint is always available. It’s not just for the bedroom. Wearing clothing that feels good against your skin, using soap that feel luxurious, taking the time to slow down and really enjoy your favorite foods…these are all feeding the Sensual Blueprint and setting you up for greater pleasure in all areas of your life

Shadows of the Sensual Blueprint

While people with a primary Sensual Blueprint type have many exciting routes to turn on, there are some bumps in the road that they might experience along the way.

It can be difficult at times for someone with a Sensual Blueprint to drop into their body so that they can access the full volume of their turn on. For example, if their environment is cluttered or if they are over stimulated from a busy day, they may find it difficult to relax enough to fully enjoy sex.

One of the challenges for those who are Sensual Blueprints is to be present in the moment. If there is too much going on it can be overwhelming to the senses. The key is finding the right stimulation and adjusting the intensity according to how they are feeling in the moment.

Expanding into this Blueprint

If you have a Sensual Blueprint type, or you want to play with someone who has this type, there are several ways that you can expand into your sensual side.

The best way to expand the Sensual Blueprint is to broaden your idea of pleasure and set yourself up for sensual delights in all areas of your life. Simply paying attention to the things that stimulate your senses and pausing to enjoy them is a beautiful way to celebrate this part of you.

Mindfulness practices that focus on fully coming into the present are a great way to expand the Sensual Blueprint. Things like meditation, yoga, or sensual movement classes can help you become fully present in your body so that you can easily access pleasure from your senses.

Want to know more?

If you want to welcome greater pleasure into every day through all of your senses, I have much more to share!

My Unstuck Your Sex Course will guide you through the expansion and exploration of all that is available to you through the Sensual Blueprint.

Your body is designed for pleasure. Sometimes you get so busy with work, family, friends, and life that you forget to slow down and just feel.

I’ve seen people come alive when they understand their Sensual Blueprint and how to celebrate it. When you embrace your body and open up to the possibilities of giving and receiving through all of your senses, you will feel satisfaction like never before.

Your sex life is about to get juicy!

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