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The Sexual Blueprint: Let’s get down to business

The best thing about the Sexual Blueprint is that they love sex! It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? For them, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Pleasure rules the day and there’s no need to overdo it with all the extra stuff.

Someone with a Sexual Blueprint is highly aroused by seeing and admiring beautiful body parts, direct touch to the genitals, and direct sexual overtures.

These are people that celebrate sexuality in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination. They love to be turned on and they know exactly what they like.

How do you know if you are a Sexual Blueprint?

Are you a Sexual Erotic Blueprint type? Make sure you take the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Quiz to find out your unique style of erotic expression. Click here to learn more about the other Blueprint types.

Even if you aren’t a Sexual Blueprint, you are probably familiar with this type because it is most often portrayed in movies and in the media as what sex looks like. Two people lock eyes and are overcome with desire. In the blink of an eye they are naked and deep in throes of pure pleasure. Woohoo!

They are turned on by turn on. Seeing their partner in pleasure is highly arousing for them.

You might observe someone with this Blueprint being direct in their language, simply asking for what they want, and getting straight to the point.

In a lover, you will notice that they do not need a lot of foreplay or setting the mood to jump right into sex. They seem to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

What is awesome about a Sexual Blueprint

There are so many wonderful qualities found in someone with a Sexual Blueprint! Having a lover with this blueprint can be fun and exciting because they are usually up for anything. If it turns you on, it turns them on. It’s a win-win.

The direct nature of the Sexual Blueprint doesn’t really leave space for guessing what they desire or enjoy. They appreciate sex for the sake of sex and are usually pretty open about what turns them on.

Sexual Blueprints are easy to please. Having a Sexual Blueprint for a lover means that you know the direct path to their pleasure. They like to keep things pretty simple in the bedroom.

Feeding the Sexual Blueprint

Feeding your blueprint means honoring your own form of sexual expression. When you feed this Blueprint, you are able to dive deep into pleasure because you know exactly what turns you on. When your needs and desires are understood and celebrated, you have access to increased pleasure and you feel more satisfied and fulfilled in all aspects of your life.

Like anything with the Sexual Blueprint, feeding the blueprint is pretty straightforward. In solo feeding sessions, a Sexual Blueprint will enjoy lots of genital touch. They might have an arsenal of toys and tools to assist them.

To keep things interesting, someone with a Sexual Blueprint will probably find exploring new sexual positions and techniques exciting. They might want to have a variety of lovers or try new things with their current partner.

Visual stimulation is highly arousing for people with a Sexual Blueprint. They can feed their blueprint with pornography or their favorite juicy love scenes in movies or tv.

For partnered feeding sessions, Sexual Blueprints can begin by letting their partner know that the like direct touch to the genitals, oral sex, and appreciating their partner’s body. Communication is always sexy!

Shadows of this Blueprint

There are so many things to celebrate about the Sexual Blueprint, but this type can also have its challenges.

It can be easy for someone with a Sexual Blueprints to get stuck in a rut with sex. They know exactly what turns them on and the fastest route to get there, so they may find themselves in a pattern that leaves little room for variety. They can sometimes turn on autopilot in the bedroom without realizing it.

Since sex is a simple concept for those with a Sexual Blueprint, they may have a limited definition of what sex is. Especially if they have limited exposure to partners with other Blueprint types, sex can be defined by their own experience. Turn on is not so simple for many of the other Blueprint types and they may experience some bumps in the road if they want to please a partner.

Lastly, someone with a Sexual Blueprint may be over focused on orgasm as a means to an end. If they are too intent on an orgasm being the defining moment of a sexual experience, they might create mental and emotional blocks to pleasure.

Expanding the Sexual Blueprint

If you have a Sexual Blueprint (or you want to please someone who does) there are many different ways that you can expand your repertoire of pleasure to include the best parts of this blueprint.

The best way to expand into this Blueprint is to just own it! Your sexuality is something to be celebrated and there is a world of pleasure available to you. All you have to do is claim your right to be the erotic bad ass that you are.

Wear clothes that make you feel sexy. The Sexual Blueprint is a part of who you are at your core, and it shouldn’t have to wait for the bedroom to be expressed. When you feel good in what you wear and how you present yourself, your confidence in your erotic nature will multiply.

Learn some new pleasure techniques. Find a class on how to give mind blowing oral sex or purchase a Kama Sutra book and try some new positions. There are an endless number of ways to play in the Sexual Blueprint. Why not try them all?

Want to know more?

If you are curious about the Sexual Blueprint, I have so much more I want to share!

In my Unstuck Your Sex Course, we go into depth about all of the blueprints and how you can use them to amplify your pleasure.

Deep transformation happens when you find a space where your sexuality is not only welcomed, but celebrated.

When you get in touch with your truest expression and embrace yourself as an erotic being, you experience dramatic shifts in many other areas of your life.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again. A life lived from a place of pleasure and play is full of endless possibilities.

If you want to know more about how to embrace your Sexual Blueprint, heal your shadows and access the most turned on and erotic version of you, you can find the details here: Unstuck Your Sex Course.


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