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The Shapeshifter Blueprint: The world is your playground

For the Shapeshifter Blueprint, nothing is off limits. Everything is exciting. Sex is an amusement park. There are infinite ways to experience pleasure and they want to try them all.

A Shapeshifter is a beautiful expression of eroticism because this blueprint encompasses all that being in a human body has to offer. They have a special appreciation for all of the other Blueprint types and they need to have all of them to be fully satisfied.

How do you know if you are a Shapeshifter?

Do you feel like you are always craving more in the bedroom? A Shapeshifter is able to seamlessly weave between blueprints. They might be into light energetic touches one minute, then turned on by an unexpected kinky smack the next minute.

How do you know if you are a true Shapeshifter? The best way to begin to explore your desires and learn more about how to honor your own sexual expression is to take the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Quiz to discover your core Erotic Blueprint type.

What is awesome about the Shapeshifter Blueprint?

Oh man, is there a lot to love about a Shapeshifter. Shapeshifters are endlessly creative in the bedroom and usually up for anything. They have an innate understanding of all the blueprint types because they are fluent in each one. They need all of them so they are able to play in all of them.

Shapeshifters make fantastic lovers because they are adventurous and they have a very broad definition of sex. They enjoy a lot of different touches and sensations and are able to give a lover variety and receive variety from their lovers.

They are comfortable in the bedroom and can flow between different forms of sexual expression with ease.

Feeding the Shapeshifter Blueprint

Feeding your blueprint is how you achieve ultimate pleasure and full expression of your sexuality. Feeding means learning what supports you in being the your whole, sexy, and sacred self and taking conscious action to uplift and celebrate yourself on a regular basis

Feeding for the Shapeshifter is essential to maintain their equilibrium and ensure that they feel nourished and satisfied. Because their desires span across all of the other blueprint types, it is necessary that they are fed in each type on a regular basis.

A Shapeshifter will need to learn to turn inward and discover what they need at any given time because what feels good and fulfilling may change frequently. They will need to feed themselves in the Energetic Blueprint, the Sensual Blueprint, the Sexual Blueprint, and the Kinky Blueprint at different times.

A Shapeshifter might want to combine all the blueprints into a single feeding session, which could look like playing with toys and using them in different ways. It might also look like experimenting with the other blueprints in different order to find what forges the most exciting path to pleasure.

Shadows of this Blueprint

The biggest challenge for the Shapeshifter is to fully accept and embrace their need for variety. They must ensure that they are paying proper attention to each blueprint in order to feel fully satisfied sexually.

Because of this need for variety, a Shapeshifter may have had experiences of feeling like they are “too much” in the bedroom or that they are hard to please. This is an area of healing that needs to be addressed for many Shapeshifters.

When a Shapeshifter is in a partnered situation, it is essential for them to get comfortable communicating their needs to others. What a Shapeshifter wants and needs in their sex life can shift continually, so they need to be able to tell someone else where they are at so that both partners end up having a satisfying experience.

If a Shapeshifter is with a partner who is only comfortable with one of the other blueprint types, the Shapeshifter might be bored or frustrated with their lover. It is important for a Shapeshifter that they have a partner (or multiple partners) who can satisfy their need to play in Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, and Kinky blueprints.

Expanding the Shapeshifter

There are many reasons that someone might want to expand into the Shapeshifter Blueprint. A true Shapeshifter is one of the rarest blueprint types, but it is possible to learn to play and enjoy all of the blueprints.

A good plan of action for anyone who has the desire to become a well rounded lover is taking steps to expand into Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, and Kinky blueprints one at a time. Spending a few week of concentrated effort on each blueprint will pay off enormously and go a long way toward blowing up you ability to have amazing sex.

For example, take a reiki class and spend some time exploring feeling energy and feeding your Energetic Blueprint. Then move on to expanding your Sensual Blueprint with a movement class. After that celebrate your Sexual Blueprint with some new toys. Once you’ve done that you can learn a new way to play in the Kink realm.

You can continue with the expansion cycle as long as you wish. There is always something new to learn about yourself and this is a very rewarding process.

Want to know more?

Are you a Shapeshifter who is feeling like they are deprived in any of the blueprint types? Or maybe you are interested in fully diving into new territory and becoming fluent in all the blueprints?

If so, my Unstuck Your Sex course is the perfect way to get a taste of all of the blueprints. The course is designed to give you the tools to totally transform the way that you view sex and support you as you become the fully celebrated erotic creature that you were always meant to be.

I have seen so many people go from feeling confused about and disconnected from their sexuality to embracing the joy and pleasure that is their birthright.

Are ready to rise and meet the most fully expressed and satisfied erotic version of you?

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