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The Path to Pleasure Starts With…

The path to pleasure is through safety.
At least initially.

In a world where our bodies are constantly under scrutiny, no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum, so many of us don’t even realize the ways in which we actually feel unsafe in our bodies…
…because we’re made to feel that feeling unsafe is “normal”!

I can say all I want to “listen to your body”…but I know that at least in the beginning, I was always asking “but what does that mean?!”

Here are some things you can consider playing with:

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Breaths in which the exhale is twice as long as the inhale signal to your body that all is well

woman breathing with her hand on her chest

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Being in a constant state of worry signals “danger” to your body, so I invite you to ground yourself in the present moment. Take 10 seconds to notice fully something that you can see. Do the same for the other four senses.

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Firm touch on any part of your body that feels good- on the heart, on the belly, on the heart and belly at the same time, on your knees, on your thighs.

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This is an easy way of providing that grounding touch all over your body.

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Layers give you the opportunity to not only monitor body temperature, which is just one way of signalling to your body that you’re listening, but adding layers is a simple way of nurturing yourself when you feel more vulnerable.

pile of sweaters in a woman's hands

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Soothing music/sounds, calming scents, and low light or candlelight can also help to down-regulate your system.


These are just some things to get you started, because when you can access this level of safety…

Pleasure is just right around the corner.

If you need additional support in creating safety so that you can access your path to pleasure, I invite you to join The Unstuck Yourself Self-Love Challenge.

This challenge is five days of amazing content to help you breathe deep, get present, and begin calling pleasure back into your body.

It’s completely free!

Give yourself the greatest gift- the gift of your time and presence- by joining the challenge HERE.

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