Hi, I’m Lea Newman.

I help men and women get UNSTUCK by helping them shift their mindset, daily habits and earning what they need to be their best self everyday.

Unstuck Yourself is community of like minded people coming together to learn and grow in all areas of their life.

This unique environment provides a safe space to address life’s most pressing challenges.

I specialize in working with growth minded professionals that are looking to take their personal and professional life to the next level.

I’m glad to have you here!

The Unstuck Yourself Podcast

The Unstuck Yourself Podcast is the best way to take the lessons and experiences of Unstuck Yourself on the go with you!

This podcast is a unique experience. Instead of the traditional studio format or a lecture, these episodes each cover a raw look at a live coaching session.

You’ll listen in as Lea works with clients over 6 weeks in one specific area of their life.

This isnt ‘fluff’ or generalizations… this is really relevant content for many of us, its useful and something (or several things) always hit home. Listening feels almost like a custom coaching session! Im really looking forward to hearing more episodes.
– iTunes review from Wuh D.

Here's What People Say About Unstuck Yourself

She leads with integrity, respect and trust

I have found Lea and the group to be a safe zone, where folks are accepted, not judged, but encouraged and exhorted to not only do, but be better at life, at relationships.

Moreover, learning about oneself. Looking life its problems and stuck-ness that bares down on the soul and heart.She and the group commend ways to get unstuck through re-wiring, re-thinking, by facing the nasties of fear, doubt, denial, poor self talk and poor self love.

- David Brownlee

Out of this world awesome

In just one hour, Lea helped me distill the trajectory of my future, find my true calling, and the courage to move forward.

I am so excited to be joining Unstuck Yourself Academy and am very seriously considering signing up for 1 on 1 coaching to get me to my next phase in life.

If you are even the slightest bit on the fence, SIGN UP, PAY FOR IT, MOVE ON!!!

- Jesus Raimundi III

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Unstuck Yourself LIVE

Unstuck Yourself LIVE is a luxurious 3-day women’s retreat experience.

It is designed to help you get UNSTUCK in the areas that are most important to you and create a plan to stay that way, while enjoying some fun and relaxation in our getaway retreat environment.

Click below to see the details about last year’s retreat and sign up to be notified about the next one below.

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It’s time to Get Unstuck!

There are many ways to get Unstuck!

You can join the Unstuck Yourself Academy which is a deep-dive program that covers health, money, relationships, communication, boundaries, and more. You’ll get video trainings, webinars, private coaching with Lea, and access to the private Unstuck Yourself Academy group, where you’ll have even more accountability and support!

If you’re an entrepreneur, there’s a place for you too – the Unstuck Yourself Business Academy. In this program, you’ll be joining a tight-knit group of business owners like you in hotseat coaching calls, and more.

Unstuck Yourself is here to help you realize that there’s always a way take the right steps towards how you want your life to improve.

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