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The Energetic Blueprint: There’s more to sex than meets the eye

It can be difficult to put into words the experience of being fully immersed in your Energetic Blueprint. It’s a unique feeling, it’s an intuitive knowing, and it’s mind blowing.

They are likely to be highly sensitive to their environment and the energy around them. They might be an empath or a healer. This sensitivity is what makes the Energetic Blueprint so amazing.

People with an Energetic Blueprint enjoy light, barely there touches. They relish simply being in the same space as their lover. Hovering your hands over the body of someone with an Energetic Blueprint can transport them into another realm. They can ride wave after wave of orgasmic energy.

When an Energetic is fully immersed in their pleasure, they are able to get lost in their vibration and have out of body experiences. Sex for them is often a deep spiritual event.

How do you know if you are an Energetic?

Are you an Energetic Erotic Blueprint type? The easiest way to find out is to take the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Quiz, but here are some clues you might observe in yourself or in your lovers who are Energetic.

Energetic Blueprints love subtle touches. Even hovering your hands over their body without touching their skin can be highly arousing for them. They love the tease and anticipation of making a connection with their lover.

They can be very sensitive to subtleties in their environment. They often curate their personal space to reflect the energy that they wish to feel. They prefer specific color palettes and objects that help them regulate their nervous system. You might see them surrounded by crystals, singing bowls, and symbolic objects that bring them comfort.

They need a lot of space to be able to fully dive into their erotic experiences. Foreplay for them can begin with deep eye contact or a barely there brush of the hand and their cues might be missed if their lover is not aware of how the Energetic Blueprint is wired.

What is awesome about the Energetic Blueprint

Someone with an Energetic Blueprint has many unique ways to express themselves as an erotic being. There are a lot of experiences available to them that other blueprint types cannot access as easily as the Energetic.

A physical sexual experience for an Energetic is felt on a deep spiritual level. Sex can be more than physical and there are times that touch is not necessary for them to have an orgasm. They can have multiple orgasms in a love making session and feel them one after another.

Since they can easily access their turn on without physical touch, they can dwell in their sexual energy any time. They can be in pleasure by simply choosing to connect with sexual energy.

Feeding the Energetic Blueprint

Feeding the Energetic Blueprint is making sure that your needs are met physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s your ticket to unlimited erotic expression!

There are many ways to feed this Blueprint in either solo or partnered situations.

Caring for the physical body and environment are key for Energetic Blueprints because when your physical container is running optimally, energy can flow much more freely. Eating well, drinking plenty of water, and getting adequate rest are key.

For solo feeding sessions, breath work is a wonderful tool for tapping into pleasure. Deep breathing and focusing on the air moving in and out of your body is a great place to start if you want to begin to feel into the energetic part of yourself. This is a great solo practice.

Music is a wonderful tool for Energetic Blueprints. Sound has healing qualities and certain tones can help you get into whatever desired state of being that you seek. Solfeggio frequencies or binaural beats can help you focus your intention for pleasure.

With solo feeding sessions, begin by hovering your hands over your body and notice the subtle changes that you feel. Come with a curious mind and consciously seek pleasure. Follow your intuition and allow yourself to explore.

For a partnered session, begin with communication. Let your partner know that you want to play in the Energetic Blueprint and explain to them what that means to you. Ask them to start with light hovering touches and go from there.

Shadows of the Energetic Blueprint

The Energetic Blueprint is ahhhh-mazing but there are some challenging aspects to this blueprint that might show up.

Because people with the Energetic Blueprint are so sensitive, it can be easy for them to “short-circuit” and shut down. If there is too much happening around them or a lover enters their space too quickly, they might not be able to get back into a state where they can get into pleasure.

Since sex and intimacy can be such deep experiences for an Energetic Blueprint, it might be difficult for them to understand the turn on of other blueprints. They might have a hard time connecting to the Sexual or the Kinky blueprint’s appreciation for directness, or they might get overwhelmed by the Sensual and Shapeshifters incorporation of multiple stimuli into sex.

Expanding into the Energetic Blueprint

There are several ways to explore the Energetic Blueprint. If you are not an Energetic Blueprint type, but would like to know more about it you can start by playing around with feeling energy. Play with an Energetic partner and deliberately slow down during foreplay.

If you have an Energetic Blueprint and you want to celebrate and enhance this glorious part of you, you can start by dedicating yourself to feeding your blueprint every day.

Expanding your Energetic Blueprint is about more than sex. Your Energetic Blueprint is an important part of how you experience the world. Set up your bedroom, your home, your office, and anywhere else that you spend a lot of time to be energizing spaces. Make sure your environment feels good to you.

For anyone who wants to expand their Energetic Blueprint, taking a class in Reiki, Theta Healing, yoga, or breath work is a great way to expand your understanding of energy. If you don’t want to take a class, you can book an appointment with an energy healer and expand your awareness of yourself as an energetic being.

Want to know more?

If you are ready to learn more about the Energetic Blueprint, how to feed and expand it as well as heal any shadows, the best thing to do is join a supportive community.

My Unstuck Your Sex course is designed to support you as you learn more about this wonderful, maybe mysterious, but highly pleasurable part of yourself.

Many of my former participants have found that this incredibly welcoming, safe, and uplifting space was the perfect place to begin to understand themselves as erotic beings. The transformations I’ve seen happen when someone finally finds the support they need to grow and heal is why I do this work.

Magic happens when you make the decision to embrace your sexuality, love yourself unconditionally, and get curious about what is waiting for you when you devote yourself to pleasure!

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