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Of All The Things… Sex Education?!?

Of all the things I have ever studied…
Of all the growth I have ever experienced…
A basic sex education…just understanding my own own body…. my desire, my pleasure, my eroticism… has been the MOST transformational.
Probably because it was the source of some deep pain that I wasn’t really even aware of.

Honestly… I started my journey in this work because I just wanted to have better sex! ?

(Not that I was even having that much to begin with ?)

I was so tired of not really feeling fulfilled after sex… that I rarely bothered to pursue intimacy.
I thought… if it wasn’t gonna be fulfilling… why bother!?!

I also thought that maybe there was something wrong with me?!
Everyone else seemed to rave about it… why hadn’t I ever had that mind blowing experience like they did?! Was I broken?
The learning didn’t happen all in one place, with one teacher, or even come from one book.

It was quite a journey…
❤️ Of getting REAL with myself.
❤️ Of learning super important SCIENCE and FACTS that were left out of my sex education.
❤️ Of learning all about myself; heart, mind, body and SOUL.
❤️ Of ending the cycles of shame, blame and self sabotage that kept me from the very things I desired most IN LIFE let alone the bedroom.

Like I said… it’s been massively transformational.
Because truthfully… while we use the understanding of your Erotic Blueprint™ – how you come to sex, pleasure and intimacy as our main subject…

The truth is… this is how you show up to LIFE!! The learnings here apply across the board!

I’ve taken a few of my one on one clients through a similar process… and the results were quite impactful.

So I’ve decided to share the best of the best with those that desire to KNOW themselves this deeply in my new program UNSTUCK YOUR SËX.
As I said… it can certainly be done with me in a one on one coaching program.

But I’m super excited to announce that it’s ready to be shared as a GROUP coaching experience!

Are you intrigued? Click here for more…

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