Reduce Friction… Set Yourself Up For The WIN!

Written by Lea Newman

There are a lot of people that are making some really amazing changes in their life right now. They’ve decided that it’s a new year and they are leaning into some new things to create change in their life that they’re really excited about.

And it always makes me a little sad when I see people that are so excited to go after something new and create something different…

and then…


They experience their first few challenges or obstacles in making this new shift. So….. I just want to share a concept with you that might help that transition
just a little bit more.

Reduce friction.

Really it’s about greasing the skids for your transition… for this new track that you’re on,

GREASE THE SKIDS… make it easy for yourselves!!

Set yourself up for the WIN!

One example that comes up often this time of year, is in the area of health and wellness.
So people come out the gate and they say, I’m gonna lose 10 pounds…


I love that they’re so excited about that!!!

I really, really love it. And I find it interesting is that we leave our success to chance. We’re leaving it to chance, when we think that we’re going to wake up in the morning and our clothes are gonna be in a bag, and we’re gonna be all set and ready… And the food that you need to eat for the day, the workout gear, and other necessary items will find itself already in your car… or believe that you have the energy or awareness to make it happen in the morning.

We just “hope” that these things are gonna happen. And I’m just gonna tell you, “hope” is not a plan, people. Not a plan at all! There’s no ACTION in hoping.

You’ve gotta lean into it.

Reduce the friction, set yourself up for success. If you’re thinking that every morning you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna go dig around your drawers while your spouse or significant other is still sleeping in bed… and you’re gonna do all that in the dark…

Or if you’re gonna be preparing the clothes that you’re gonna need for work… while they’re still in bed, and you’re fumbling around trying to figure all that out… that is a great example of friction that could prevent you from following through!

In this case, it could make it easy for you to get back in bed.

Same thing with the nutrition!

If you’re not preparing in advance, and maybe already having them prepared in your refrigerator at home, maybe the night before putting them in a bag so that literally, you can just grab it and go. All of these things are examples of friction… They could cause you to stop.

I’ll give you an example of friction that I’ve resolved in my life.

So here in the RV, when I very first started. I had things everywhere, stored all over this place. I had the water hoses up front and I had the sewer hoses in the back, and I had the blocks for my stabilizers on the other side and it was all over the place. But the better I got at it, the more I was able to streamline that process. I knew that if I put my sewer hose and my water hose, and the blocks for the stabilizers all in one compartment… it would be easier for me because it’s all together.

All of that is all in one place, that all reduces friction. It makes it easy for me to do these things in my life.

It’s probably why we ladies, we have our make-up and our moisturizers and all of that kind of stuff all in one place. I doubt you have a whole bunch in the bathroom, and a whole bunch in a bedroom, and a whole bunch in another bedroom, ’cause then you’d have to zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, all over the place and it creates friction. It adds time to your day… it creates stress… and it makes it easy for you to stop doing it.

So I would really love to hear from everybody…

What are some areas of your life that you could use this concept?
Where could you reduce friction to make things easier and more effortless for yourself?

So that you’re setting yourself up for the win.

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