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Lea Newman Coach
Lea Newman Coach

Unstuck Yourself™ Facebook Group

This group is a rapidly growing community of like- minded, forward thinking people of all genders seeking to UNSTUCK THEMSELVES.

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Unstuck Yourself™ Book Club on FB

A collective of lifelong learners who are here to unstuck themselves. It’s not that one book can change your life; it’s that the application of the knowledge from that work can change your life.

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Behind the Velvet Curtain Facebook Group

This FREE, private community on Facebook is a great place to learn and ask your burning questions about sex, sexuality, and intimacy. We keep it fun, light, and playful here! Come connect with others in this sex-positive community of humans who are learning right alongside you.

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Unstuck Yourself™ Blog

Read the blog that is helping people all over the world to unstuck themselves in all areas of life. This blog spans the topics of self-care, self-love, boundaries, communication, money, sex, health, and so much more!

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Work With Me

A former high performance coach for Tony Robbins, I help busy women overcome the cycles of exhaustion and overwhelm so that they can live lives dripping with pleasure.