Unstuck Yourself Community

Unstuck Yourself Community

This group is a rapidly growing community of like-minded, forward thinking MEN & WOMEN seeking to UNSTUCK THEMSELVES.

In this group I provide EXCLUSIVE content and support only shared here… so that we can have these much needed conversations.

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Unstuck Yourself Book Club

Personal development books are how I got started in transforming my own life… and still do to this day.

The percentage of people that finish them without support or accountability is unfortunately quite low.

This book club is a way to increase that percentage amongst a small group of committed, like-minded people that want to come play, learn and grow with me!

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Unstuck Yourself Podcast

The Unstuck Yourself Podcast is the best way to take the lessons and experiences of Unstuck Yourself on the go with you!

This podcast is a unique experience. Instead of the traditional studio format or a lecture, these episodes each cover a raw look at a live coaching session.

You’ll listen in as Lea works with clients over 6 weeks in one specific area of their life.

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I have found Lea and the group to be a safe zone

Lea, as a friend and coach/leader of the group and book club is an inspiring, passionate, helpful, knowledgeable, kind, caring, compassionate woman. She leads with integrity, respect and trust.
– David Brownlee

I learned that my feelings are valid.

I learned that I should not worry about hurting someone’s feelings when their behavior is hurting our relationship. I stood up for myself. I stopped being afraid to speak up and said enough is enough and it worked!
– Teri Kvelland

Out of this world awesome

In just one hour, Lea helped me distill the trajectory of my future, find my true calling, and the courage to move forward.
– Jesus Raimundi III