Unstuck Yourself has been created to help you finally get rid of all of those nagging little things that keep holding you back. There’s something for everyone here. Check out the options below and see what’s right for you.

Unstuck Yourself Community

Join a rapidly growing community of like- minded, forward thinking MEN & WOMEN seeking to UNSTUCK THEMSELVES. Inside of the community you’ll find thoughtful discussion about daily ways to unstick your own life, along with the support of some great new friends.

This group will help you break through the obstacles in your life, and you’ll know that you have the group’s support to keep your momentum going and help you thrive while doing it!


Unstuck Yourself Book

Do you feel STUCK in one or more areas of their life. Do you feel like you are subject to the incessant chatter of the negative voices in your head?

This book is for you!

For those that are already doing well, the information and practical exercises presented in this book will help the reader create lifestyle habits to squeeze even more juice out of life.


Unstuck Yourself Academy

Join Unstuck Yourself Academy! It’s a monthly membership course and group coaching program covering an array of topics such as: boundaries, relationships, health, love, business, and many more!

You’ll receive all previous course content when you sign-up, too!


Unstuck Yourself Coaching

Ready for one on one coaching?

You can work privately with Lea to kick-start your personal growth.

Coaching is available on a limited basis. Check out the full page for all of the details!


Unstuck Yourself Book Club

Personal development books are how I got started in transforming my own life… and still do to this day.

The percentage of people that finish them without support or accountability is unfortunately quite low. This book club is a way to increase that percentage amongst a small group of committed, like-minded people that want to come play, learn and grow with me!


Hi, I’m Lea Newman.

Lea Newman is the embodiment of the lifestyle and practices she recommends. She is the author of You Healthier Now, Small Steps to Big Changes in your Health and Wellness, and her latest work – Unstuck Yourself.

Lea retired from the United States Air Force just recently. During her active duty service, she focused on being a student of life and learning as much as possible, including extensive study with Tony Robbins.

With all of these talents and tools, she now travels the country in her RV while coaching, supporting life transformations, and taking every opportunity to squeeze the juice out of life each and everyday and to live her life to the fullest in each moment. She specializes in working with growth minded professionals that are looking to take their personal and professional life to the next level.